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 Website Development

Internet Strategy


Web Development

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Social Media Marketing

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Web Site Development

Web Development

Designed to Meet Business Objectives

Our ultimate goal at SurfNet is to help you win more business. This is how we measure success. No matter how appealing your web site looks, or how creative your print ads are, the bottom line is results.

The SurfNet team has designed and developed websites for clients in various categories. Our ability to provide integrated internet marketing services such as search engine optimization ensures the websites we design and develop are ultimately focused on increasing our clients’ ROI and meeting business objectives.

  • What's stopping my website from getting more leads? 
  • Why am I not showing up on Google where I want to be? 
  • What is my competitor doing to out rank me? 
  • Is my site really keeping visitors attention? 
  • How do I stack up against my competition?

Effective, Marketing-Focused Website Design and Development

Website design and development is more than just graphics and layouts appealing to the eye. It’s about usability, scrutinizing web analytics data, integrating search engine optimization best practices, implementing the right content management system, clear call-to-actions, compelling content, messaging, and ultimately results.

Our web design and development services aren’t just focused on the aesthetics of a site. We concentrate on achieving business goals such as increased conversions and greater average order values. In addition to understanding a client’s branding needs, we incorporate and consider:

  • Web Analytics

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Content Management System

  • eCommerce Development

  • eCommerce Marketing

  • Analytics-Driven Approach  

Importance of SEO in Web Design & Development

Too often we encounter companies who have embarked on or just completed a website design without considering the role search engine optimization plays in a website’s effectiveness.

It is critical to have an SEO analyst working together with the web designers and web developers to ensure best practices are addressed such as site architecture, page construction, and content. Transferring link popularity must also be considered.

A SEO analyst will also identify unique strengths of a website that can be leveraged as well as what gaps must be addressed. Web design with proper SEO implementation can dramatically improve the volume of targeted traffic to your site.

The Right Content Management System

Utilizing a content management system to easily create and modify website material enables marketers to make real-time business decisions. The right content
 management system will also support a business’ specific needs, save time, and aid SEO efforts.

Branding Needs

Effective website design can communicate clearly a company’s brand. It reinforces a brand’s unique selling proposition and provides messaging that engages
 website visitors.

Effective web design, including visuals, graphics, layout, and messaging, resonates with a brand’s target audience. It becomes part of a
 strategy aligned with other marketing elements such as media. It compels the audience to take further action, moving a potential customer closer to the end of the purchase funnel.

Hiring Experienced Professionals

It is easy to lose time and leave money on the table by selecting the wrong firm for web design and development. Cost should not be the deciding factor. A
 company should consider an internet marketing agency’s experience in web design and web development, project management skills, technical aptitude including implementing the appropriate content management system, and the ability to integrate services like search engine optimization.

Hiring true professionals to
 design and develop a website will provide exponential return on investment.

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