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"I needed a solution that would allow me to sell my products, provide payment processing and that would be a complete solution and would be cost effective, yet provide me all the tools I would need to run a download store. SurfNet met and exceeded my expectations and they are very willing to hear ideas for my custom needs."

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Consulting As a Powerful Internet Marketing Resource

Business and marketing executives have several options for marketing and advertising approaches. Regardless of the often countless number of options, investing in the right options for greater market share and profitability is what really matters. In digital marketing the same methodology applies.

This is where SurfNet can impact greatly a business’ performance.

Subject Matter Experts

Having subject matter experts on a company’s roster promotes smart decision-making, helping avoid costly pitfalls. A deep understanding of the online marketplace and how consumers interact with brands online is crucial to helping a business’ internet marketing campaigns succeed.

Consumers experience multiple touch points with brands and products before making a purchase. They amass a median of 5.5 ad events in the final 48 hours before conversion. Our digital marketing experts provide insight into what influences consumers and pushes them closer to purchasing.

Providing a Holistic View

The ability to look at a business from “the big picture” view is essential in developing the right strategy and any resulting action plans for internet marketing.

The big picture includes competitive intelligence, market research, strategy evaluation, technology assessment, auditing marketing efforts, assessing available internet marketing resources, and applying business acumen. For example, in order for a company to grow rapidly and aggressively by means of improving its paid search campaigns while achieving ROI goals, the company needs innovative strategies and the best-in-class technologies.

Protecting Marketing Investments

A large part of the value derived from SurfNet 's consulting is the ability to provide a company with a digital marketing alter ego.

Companies have a lot at stake in the online arena as more competitors enter the ring or merge to become a stronger force. Having an internet marketing alter ego can put in place a system of checks and balances, ensuring decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. This helps protect not only online marketing and advertising investments but overall marketing investments.

Turning Strategy Into Success

Consultants that can truly help a company grow and improve the company’s internet marketing performance must have the right blend of business savvy, technical acumen, and detailed knowledge of the online marketplace. Whether your goal is to penetrate new markets, increase new customer acquisition, or improve lackluster campaign results, SurfNet has the experience and the talent to help.

Our internet marketing consulting services include:

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