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 Membership Sites Management Services

 Membership Sites
 Membership Sites Are One of the Most Popular
Ways For Website Owners To Generate Income For Their Brand

SurfNet has the ability to host your site in one of three of our world class data centers located strategically around the globe.  We can provide membership management services, fraud protection services, billing solutions and marketing and affiliate services all which can be plugged in and used with your membership site.

We also offer many custom features that most providers do not offer:

  • Custom site integrations;

  • Plugins for special offers to your members such as free streaming video minutes with the purchase of a membership;

  • Free download clips with a membership purchase;

  • Or many other combination of items you wish to offer which brings great value added services to your membership offering; 

Why Start a Membership Website

People are ready to pay for online content if it is useful for them, so they eagerly join membership sites.

The fact is that, the “Online Publishers Association” announced that the content of paid websites is emerging as one of the best online revenue model. The best niches for a membership website are business content, entertainment but anything can be successful if the content is useful and the owner of the membership site provides really useful information and help for the members.

Advantages of Owning a Membership Website

Lately, one of the most profitable business on the internet is to sell content.

This method is not only fast to set up, but the start-up and running costs are minimal. Work from home entrepreneurs and big businesses alike are tapping into this new-found revenue source. Furthermore, those who capture the market first in their niche will have the obvious advantage and it’s an international market, so anyone can play.

One of the great things about starting a membership website is you can take your hobby, specialized knowledge or profession and turn it into a profitable business. Your challenge will be finding exclusive content.

You can start it part time but it will likely develop into a full time business.

Planning for and setting your site up for auto-responders, automated sign-ups, credit card processing, automated cancellations, etc is all part of a successful membership website.

Starting and running a membership website can be a lot of fun and very exciting, however you need to know what’s involved in setting one up, and then managing it.

SurfNet have been experts in this field since 1996 and are eagerly waiting to assist you in this profitable business. See the other pages in this section for more information and contact us with any questions. We are here to assist in any way possible.

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If you would like to learn more about SurfNet's Website Membership Solutions,
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our Request More Information Form or call us at 1-844-302-1466. 

A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.