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"I lost my merchant account due to some fraud. I run several online sites and take payments for digital downloads, video streaming and hard good sales. Surfnet was able to assist me. They actually had me setup quicker than I could ge them all my product to load for their services and once that was done the switch was flawless. I get paid quicker now and have a cheaper rate as well. I am happy to be with such a knowledgeable provider as they seem to be harder and harder to find."

- Chip
Harmon Concepts Intl.

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Merchant Processing

Sell To A Worldwide Marketplace 24/7

SurfNet has been assisting clients  with merchant processing since 1996. For more than a decade, we have been building relationships and partners in the banking community around the world. Our preferred partner for merchant processing is Internetransactions ( The are fully integrated with all our services and can offer you a direct relationship with them. They offer the following integration types:

  • Server to server API for those that wish to keep their data on their own servers and customize their payment pages and have more control over the process. 

  • EZPAY: EZPAY is a shopping cart which runs on their servers for basic processing of goods. It is quick and easy to setup and can accommodate most site needs.  

  • SurfNet Integration: Internetransactions is completely linked with SurfNet's suite of services. This means we make it very simple to get an account setup through them and integrate any of our turnkey or al-a-carte services. Whether it be for digital downloads, video streaming, hard good sales, membership sites or at/broadcasting we can assist.  

It is not required that our clients use only our preferred partner.

They have been chosen as such for various key reasons from their strong banking contracts to their service level availability. We understand that some clients may just want an account in a particular region of the world for various reasons or just for redundancy for an account they already have been using. SurfNet has relationships with almost a dozen banks worldwide and can accommodate almost any client need or situation.

Please see our other pages in this section of our website which further explain the processing we offer.

 Credit Card Processing That We Offer:
  • Visa 
  • MasterCard 
  • AMEX 
  • Discover 
  • Diner's Club 
  • Maestro UK 
  • Maestro International 
  • SOLO 

Also Available:

Check Processing & Instant Online Bank Transfers (domestic and international).

 And A Suite of Alternative Payment Methods!:
  • Eurodebit 
  • DirectPay 
  • Giropay 
  • Online Check 
  • Taiwan Pay
  • Yellowpay
  • iDEAL 
  • ChinaDebit 
  • PagosBancarios 
  • Korean Debit 
  • SnapCard

Additional payment methods are added all the time as
available and can be 
used with most of our services as needed.

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If you would like to learn more about SurfNet's Merchant Processing Services,
please contact us by filling
our Request More Information Form or call us at 1-844-302-1466. 

A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.