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" Customer service for my webmaster and my end users was paramount in my choosing a provider for my online download sales. SurfNet provided me with a dedicated account representative and they have world class support in my opinion. I have sold my products using a half dozen other providers over the years. SurfNet is top notch!"

- Barry
RPC Productions

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EStore by SurfNet

ESTORE Features

A Better Way to Sell
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Unique Features:

  • **NEW** - Coupons/Vouchers - Sell Printable coupons/vouchers for redemption on your store;
  • Store Details - Upload your store banner and store information directly through the admin;
  • Multiple Categories and Sub-Categories - For easier sort and display of your media;
  • Featured Products - Make feature clips for display in store;
  • Best Sellers - Ability to display best selling media (able to turn off in cart if desired);
  • Image Watermarks -Ability to watermark main product images for copyright protection;
  • Multiple File Formats - Ability to attach MULTIPLE file formats to a product for easier display and sale
    (do not have to have multiple physical products for each format desired);

  • Scheduled Releases - Pick your products already added to your cart and tell us when you want them online and we will automatically release them. This allows you to pre-load products and have them automatically show up for sale to end viewers;
  • Product Thumbnails – Our system will automatically take an image picture set and create thumbnails. We will also create thumbnails from a video clip and allow you to upload your own images for thumbnail
    if desired. We allow you to select from pre-configured thumbnail sizes as well (i.e 50x50, 100x100, 160x160) for maximum flexibility;
  • Thumbnail Skip & Search - We will generate thumbnails from strategic points in the video. If you do not like the images chosen you can skip forward and back from the chosen point in order to decide the exact image you wish to use to showcase/promote your product;
  • File UploaderMedia – Easily upload product in batches to your store and then tag each file(s) to a product during the production creation process;
  • File UploaderImages – Easily upload images in advance for quicker production creation. Images can also be uploaded at the time of product creation as well;
  • Order Management – View and easily manage orders from customers;
  • Email Mailing List – Email customers that have ordered before or have asked to be on the mailing list to get information on new releases;
  • API - For those clients that use external CMS (customer management system) software or custom software to manage media we now allow the ability for store owners to use our API to add product to the ESTORE. This allows you to do your data entry once to save time and money on data input;
  • Gateway Support – We support all major gateways. If you have your own merchant account you can plug it in. If you wish to use our turn key solution we provide all major credit card and alternative payment methods to best accept orders in all countries around the globe;
  • Multiple Currency Support – We can support multiple currencies so your end users that wish to purchase your products can do so in the currency most comfortable to them;
  • File and Format Detection – Our system will automatically detect the file format, running time,
    bitrate, file size and resolution for easier and quicker input;

  • Download Manger With Multi-File Downloads -- When a customer purchases at your store and purchases multiple products, they will have the option to download them one at a time or all at once using the download manager. Additionally, they can select which individual products they wish to download using the manager in case they do not need them all at one time. Finally, cusotmers can also use this tool to download previous orders in case they lost their clips or had a local machine crash. We still actively monitor this for abuse, as always, to ensure someone can not re-download the product too many times. 

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