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IT Services Information Technology

IT Services

Service and Support That Offers Affordable,
High-Quality Network, Hardware and Software Solutions

At SurfNet, we provide a variety of IT (information technology) services to take care of all your technical issues. We work with you to deploy solutions that meet your ever-changing business requirements and provide continuous maintenance, administration, support and repair for your systems and tools.

Our experienced IT consultants quickly resolve any difficulties you and your company are facing so that you’re able to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

We are accessible and able to provide assistance and advice to each and every user within your organization, regardless of their technical abilities.

More About Our IT Services

E-mail Systems

Whether you’re looking to wean yourself off a POP3 server, subscribe to cloud-based services like Gmail, implement Microsoft Exchange 2010, or simply receive support for Microsoft Exchange 2003, SurfNet is the ideal partner. We help many businesses construct new e-mail solutions or maintain and upgrade their existing e-mail infrastructure.

Network Support

Your network connects your workforce with the information they need to be productive.

Its setup can determine how much your employees are able to accomplish
 each business day. Without reliable network support your business can suffer greatly, or worse, operations can come to a complete halt.

We provide a wide range of networking services. We work with you to ensure your wireless network connection is an effective tool for providing your employees, partners and customers with more flexible access to data.

 Microsoft Servers

Server Infrastructure

Linux Servers

Windows Servers

Windows Servers are the backbone for most businesses today. Whether you have an outdated server or no server at all, you likely have questions on how to
 invest your resources most effectively. It’s best not to try to answer these without the help of experts. A server purchase is probably the biggesttechnology investment that you will make, something you’ll live with for the next half decade.

Once deployed, maintaining a Windows Server environment is vitally important. We ensure that you keep patched, protected, and backed-up on a regular basis.

Linux/Unix Servers

Your business and technical needs may go beyond the standard Windows Server environment. Finding an IT services and support team with expertise in bothWindows and Linux can be a challenge. We’re proud to offer a team of IT professionals who have ample experience installing and supporting both platforms.

Virtual Servers

Companies of any size have access to inexpensive or free virtualization packages and powerful computing resources that support this cutting-edge technology.

We help you evaluate if virtualization in right for your business. We consider how your current physical resources are being utilized. We also look at future needs. Once we’ve evaluated your needs, we help you select the right solution for your business and deploy your virtualization environment with ease.

Mobile Device Support

Whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone or Android, everyone’s using a smartphone for work and for play.

We hook your mobile devices directly to Microsoft Exchange or your other e-mail provider. This means you and your colleagues more easily install critical
 business applications on your phones and synchronize e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos and more to your computers.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

In today’s business climate, your most important information and applications are online.

It’s vital that you back up all these digital assets regularly so that in event of a a lost file, hardware malfunction or worse you can be up and running again without much downtime or long-term damage.

We offer many options for you to back up your server environments, whether they’re small or large, physical or virtual. We know how critical your business information and applications are and work with you to create a plan for every disaster scenario.

IT Security

Security is a concern for every business. But most don’t know how vulnerable they are.

The first line of defense to your network is your firewall. Then you have antivirus and SPAM filtering. But your security must go deeper than that.

At SurfNet, we specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses like yours develop their unique IT security plan. We work with you to find a balance between cost, productivity and security.

Intranet & Collaboration Tools

Having a useful, inexpensive Intranet is almost a business requirement these days. It allows for easy access to shared information within a company or department.

Just about every level of employee is familiar with web browsing, and Intranet solutions offer the same baseline accessibility and ease-of-use.

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