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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Increasing the Bottom Line with Social Media Advertising

There are a couple ways SurfNet divides Social Media Marketing – social media advertising and social marketing.

This first revolves around placing ads
 within social networks, such as Facebook advertising. The latter focuses on interactions, dialogue, and engagement. Both have the ability to improve a company’s bottom line when the differences are appreciated and the plans of action are part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Social Media Advertising

The major social networks provide opportunities to target users based on hobbies, behaviors and user defined preferences. These targeting mechanisms help you pinpoint only those who have the highest propensity to become your customers.

Want to target 25 – 35 year old males who like outdoor activities? Want to
 get your new product demo in front of IT professionals?

Despite reports of this type of online advertising being largely ineffective, we have been able to make it work successfully as a form of direct response for several clients. A key factor in this revolves around understanding a brand’s audience, where the audience is, what the audience is doing at those online locations, and the strengths/limitations of the advertising platform.

Social Marketing Interactions, Listening, and Engagement

Another aspect of social marketing is the social interaction, listening and engagement via the networks or platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Once again, depending on a brand’s audience, the level of engagement varies.

It is important to recognize these are tools. They are mechanisms that can be leveraged to
 support a brand’s overarching marketing strategy. The reach provided by social marketing can be exponential, as demonstrated by Twitter and user retweets.

The sentiments discovered and customer feedback can be invaluable.

Social marketing not only allows for gathering insights; it enables a brand to increase its visibility and revenue by expanding and deepening relationships through meaningful interactions. Listening and monitoring for insights also helps guide the way a brand engages its audience in the social world.

 media optimization through social marketing and sharing can create dialogue, leading to buzz, encouraging a query on a search engine, and ultimately resulting in a sale.

Targeting and Engagement Driving Lead Generation and eCommerce Sales

SurfNet's social media advertising and marketing services are focused on enriching our clients’ ability to increase new customer acquisitions and market share through digital marketing.

This aligns with our commitment to accountability and results. Our team has the tools, experience, and skills to create,
 manage, and monitor social media advertising and marketing campaigns that support your brand’s ROI goals.

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