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"Due to the nature of my business I actually required three different merchant accounts due to my global business online and my out of the box e-commerce system I have been using for years that has limited choices for online gateways. SurfNet provided me with not one, not two but THREE different merchant bank accounts. All were up and running quickly and I do not have to re-enter thousands of products into a new cart system in order to change merchant banks. I would recommend Surfnet to anyone looking to establish merchant services"

- Rocco
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Credit Card Processing

Alternative Payment Processing

Instant Online Bank Transfers


Instant Online Bank Processing 

Instant Online Bank Transfers

Cross Border Sales Creates
New Opportunities For Online Merchants

Survey shows that bank transfers are the second most popular online payment method in Europe!
(February 2011)

Bank transfer takes the second place in Europe amongst online shoppers preferred payment method. According to DIBS E-commerce Survey Europe 2010, 38% of consumers prefer to pay with their online bank, when shopping online. When shoppers are asked to select their preferred payment method, safety and convenience scores the highest - 62% and 51% - making online bank transfers an obvious choice.

DIBS survey outlines a strong trend in the online market with shoppers having confidence in online shopping and a willingness to seek products outside of their own country. According to the survey, every third consumer in Europe has chosen to purchase a product on a website outside of their own country.

Supported Banks

SurfNet can process your customers transactions from any bank account in the world. Countries listed on the map below will usually register your customers payment within a few seconds, so that your order can be processed immediately. Click on map to view immediate pay countries...

Ecommerce merchants are well aware of this trend and are building their business around an international outlook and brand, as they look to be a part of the international market and the potential revenues...  

...And You Should Too!

Benefits Include:

  • Increase Profits
    By allowing shoppers to pay using their online bank, you can now sell to customers that are otherwise unable or unwilling to pay today.

  • Increase Market Size
    By offering your customers this payment option you increase your market share to not only credit and debit card owners, but also online bank users from all over the world.

  • No Risk
    With Surf Net there is no risk of credit card fraud or any kind of chargebacks. This means that when you get paid you stay paid! With SurNet you can even sell to customers from 'high risk' regions including all
    parts of Asia and Eastern Europe.

See How Easy It Is To Process An Order:

  • As a merchant you send your shopper to our website when they are ready to pay for the order.

  • We will now guide your shopper through the process of paying for the order using their online bank.

  • The shopper will pay for the order by transferring the money to a designated bank account.

  • When the money has been received (typically within a few seconds), we will inform you that the money
    has been successfully received
     and you can then immediately ship the order.

  • Because the payment was made with a bank transfer you are guaranteed to be paid. There is no risk of a
    charge back or other credit card related problems.

  • Once a week (or more often - depending on our agreement) we transfer the payments we have received to your bank account.

Get Started Today!

The process is simple:

  1. Sign up as a merchant with SurfNet.   
  2. When your application has been approved you will receive a username and password to the administration website.  
  3. Your account is now in test mode.  
  4. When you have successfully finished testing SurfNet will upgrade your account to production mode.  
  5. You are now ready to accept payments.  


Contact Us Today!

If you would like to learn more about SurfNet's Instant Online Bank Transfers,
please contact us by filling
our Request More Information Form or call us at 1-844-302-1466. 

A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.