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Membership Sites Are One Of The Most Popular Ways 
For Site Owners To Generate Income
 For Their Sites!

Generate More Income

If you are content site owner many site owners will sell a subscription to their site and for a fixed price you will get access to a set of content which is frequently updated.

Many site owners have valuable video content as well which they currently allow subscribers to download to their computers to keep. Due to the amount of content that generally gets built up on the site the volume can become quite large. Because of the high amount of piracy on the internet site owners wish to have a more secure way to control and manage their content.

More Control

SurfNet has a membership streaming plugin which can be used by virtually any site.

Instead of allowing content to be downloaded, site owners can stream it to paying members of their site. Because it is being streamed the site owner has more control and it is less likely to result in theft and piracy. It is also much quicker for the end user to receive it, especially at very high quality (sites that have HD – High Definition) content.

Easy To Use

Site owners that are using Surf Net for their membership site management and streaming video Pay Per minute can manage their members' streaming all from one interface. However, even if a site is not utilizing any of SurfNet’s other services using our plug-in will make it possible to still offer your content more securely with streaming, instead of downloading, some or all of your membership content to your end users.

Isn't it time to integrate this very important feature to your website?

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