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Colocation Servers Chicago IL

Colocation services are for those that require complete control over their server configuration.

Colocation is a service in which a company will connect a server that you own to the internet. If you do not already have one, some companies offer to build a server for you. This is the key difference between dedicated servers and colocated servers. In a dedicated environment, the server itself is owned by the web hosting company, whereas in a colocated environment, the server is your own.

There are two costs associated with colocated servers - rental fees and connection fees:

  1. Rental Fees - These are the costs associated with actually having your server located in the web host's datacenter. Ranging from 1U to a full rack, this measurement is the height of the server(s) being hosted. Most servers come in either 1U or 2U configurations. Servers with a large number of harddrives can be as big as 3U or 4U.
  3. Connection Charges - Instead of measuring the total number of gigabytes transferred per month, a connection average is usually used. So a 1 mbp/s connection means that you can average 1 megabyte of transfer per second for the entire month. Getting more complicated now, there are two other things to consider.

    Firstly is how this transfer is measured. Some simply take the amount of bandwidth used that month, divide it by the number of seconds in that month, and come to a figure that way. Much more popular though is a system called '95th percentile' in which bandwidth measurements are taken every 5 minutes. At the end of the month, the top 5% of readings are discarded, and the highest remaining reading left is what the user is billed at.

    This brings us to the second point - Burstable Connections. While you may be allowed to average 1 mbp/s, you can suddenly burst to a higher transfer rate.
     With a system of measurement such as 95th percentile, you have to make sure that you do not need to burst your connection often.

Here are a few more reasons you should colocate with SurfNet:

  • Reliability - Increased uptime and reliability - 99.9% Internet Uptime Guarantee;
  • Flexibility - Ability to host multiple sites on the server and other services as well.  We also support both Linux and Windows operating systems;
  • Control - Since you own it, you have complete control of what goes on your server and can configure it to your specifications;
  • Security - Server is located in a temperature and humidity-controlled secure environment, fire-protected by a FM-200 fire extinguishing system;
  • Speed - We have a dedicated Metro Ethernet with plenty of bandwidth which means fast loading times for you;
  • Performance - Super-fast, super-reliable Internet connectivity
  • Cost - Since we get it in bulk, bandwidth is usually lower in cost through colo than hosting a server in-house;
  • Convenience - 24/7 monitoring and customer service by Microsoft Certified Staff;
  • Peace of Mind - Your critical information is protected in three ways: Off-site data back-ups, battery back-ups, and generator back-up.

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