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Internet Strategy


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Internet Strategy

Internet Strategy


Are You Ready
For An Internet Consultant To Develop A
Long Term, Accountable Internet Strategy For
Your C


As the role of the web in your industry grows, it is time to start thinking less tactically, and more strategically about your Internet objectives.

For example, you may have one of the following problems:

  • Your site is out of date and no longer supports your brand.
  • You want your site to attract more traffic.
  • You think users are getting lost on your site
  • You need the ability to easily control your site’s content.
  • Your company is not efficiently managing and sharing data and information within your organization.

There are short-term tactics that can address these issues individually like updating your content or making design changes for example. The Internet cannot deliver a sustainable competitive advantage on short term tactics and piecemeal solutions.

In Order To Do This, The Most Effective Approach is to
Develop A
Proactive, Business Driven Internet Strategy

Internet Strategy SurfNet Chicago

At SurfNet, we don’t just want to address the tactics, we want to pull the tactics together to leverage the Internet as a strategic tool that drives long-term business objectives.

Bridging the Gap between Marketing and IT

We know that historically, this can be challenging. We have experience in bridging that gap and acting as your Corporate Web Consultant that merges marketing business driven acumen with technological expertise. Allow a consultant to guide you through the challenges and help capitalize on the Internet’s ability to communicate and persuade.

Our process

Our consultants will undergo a 5 step trategic planning process of:

  • Survey – Gather, analyze, study, and listen 
  • Explore – Formulate, translate, architect, and recommend 
  • Construct – Implement, design, code and program 
  • Unveil – Execute, test, and launch 
  • Refine – Measure, evaluate, and improve  

Since 1996 SurfNet has been working with clients, and this process has evolved and improved over time. It is the proven formula for producing and developing solutions that give companies a long term vision of the Internet’s role in their business.

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If you would like to learn more about SurfNet's Internet Consulting Services,
please contact us by filling
our Request More Information Form or call us at 1-844-302-1466.

A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.