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"Due to the nature of my business I actually required three different merchant accounts due to my global business online and my out of the box e-commerce system I have been using for years that has limited choices for online gateways. SurfNet provided me with not one, not two but THREE different merchant bank accounts. All were up and running quickly and I do not have to re-enter thousands of products into a new cart system in order to change merchant banks. I would recommend Surfnet to anyone looking to establish merchant services"

- Rocco
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"Using Surfnet to obtain payment processing was a breeze. I explained my needs which were pretty complex and the representative knew exactly what I needed. He got me the paperwork and I was up and running in under a week"
- Barry
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Credit Card Processing

Alternative Payment Processing

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Alternative Payment Processing

  Expand Your Market, Capture Lost Sales 

Why Alternative Payments?

An Alternative payment is a payment method other than the usage of the traditional credit card.

Alternative payments are just as popular as credit card payments. However, not everyone has a credit card or likes to use them online. Especially outside the United States, credit card coverage is as low as 10% and is certainly not a widespread payment method.

Consumers outside the United States like to pay with their well-established local payment methods or with those methods that they are accustomed to. SurfNet offers merchants a variety of payment methods that will limit the exposure and risks involved in providing services online to consumers worldwide.

Adding our alternative payment solutions is easy and the consumer will see the optional payment buttons on your payment page.

See An Increase In Sales!

Actual increase varies largely on how well you target your alternative markets. It is not uncommon for us to see our clients experience a 30% or more increase in their sales after adding our alternative payment services!

Below are some of our alternative payment options. Adding our services will increase your sales because you can offer consumers more options to pay.

ACH Check

Electronic checks are easy to use and are reported to boost sales by as much as 20%. Consumers from the United States and Canada simply key in their checking account information to initiate a transaction.

American Express AMEX

American Express
Allow consumers to pay for goods and services with charge cards such as American Express. In addition to charge cards, we also process ATM and Debit cards for your website.

China Debit Union Pay China Debit
As part of our Debit Asia solution, China Debit provides for the acceptance of local Chinese ATM and debit cards that are not processed by the Visa/MasterCard network.
Direct Pay EU DirectPayEU
DirectPay EU allows your customers to pay via their bank's web site directly from their checking or savings account, providing merchants with payment access to 36 Countries and over 700 million European consumers.
Direct Pay US DirectPay US
Using their own bank's website, DirectPay US allows consumers to make payments directly to the merchant from their own checking or savings account.
Discover Network Discover Card
Accept Discover and other charge cards on your website. We offer PIN-based, PIN-less and signature-based card processing services.
Euro Debit EuroDebit
More than 100 million people use the European Bank Debit system to purchase products and services over the Internet, with funds being instantly withdrawn from their bank accounts easily, safely and efficiently.
Giro Pay giropay
With a focus on safety and convenience, giropay represents Germany's primary online payment method for bank clients. With each giropay purchase, the funds are instantly debited from the consumer's bank account and the merchant is guaranteed to receive their funds.
The iDEAL payment service is a direct debit payment method developed by the Dutch banks to make it easier for their customers to pay online for products and services. iDEAL allows online payments to be made using online banking through the consumer's own bank. iDEAL transactions are swift, reliable and efficient; a must have for all merchants.
JCB consumers are part of the fastest growing segments in the online market place, with more than 45 million cardholders worldwide.
Korean Debit Korean Debit
As part of our Debit Asia solution, the Korean Debit service provides for the acceptance of local Korean ATM and debit cards that are not processed by the Visa/MasterCard network.
Pagos Banacarios PagosBancarios
PagosBancarios gives merchants access to additional consumer markets that are generally not supported by other traditional online payment systems, because PagosBancarios is supported by a consortium of international banks that are also represented in countries such as Brazil, Chili, Mexico, and Peru.
Snap Card SNAP Card
SNAP's prepaid Internet shopping card spans the gap between cash customers and Internet merchants bringing a new liberty to electronic transactions for those who do not have a bank account or credit card or who are afraid of using their card for online transactions.
Taiwan Pay Taiwan Pay
Taiwan WebATM payment solution is a payment system which allows Taiwan consumers to be able to purchase in real-time via e-banking transfers. TaiwanPay currently accepts all e-Banking transfers from major banks in real-time.
Yellow Pay Yellow Pay
With YellowPay you offer your customers a convenient means of cashless payment - a practical and secure solution for over 2 million PostFinance Card holders.

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