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 Our Network Resources Allow You to Reach Thousands Of
Streaming Media Viewers Over the Internet Worldwide

When SurfNet hosts your streamed audio/video event or archived media files, you will get the maximum performance you need to achieve your business goals.

How Can Streaming On Demand Help My Business?

Streaming, also known as Webcasting, is a term that describes the transmission of specially encoded digital multimedia content - audio, video, animation, graphics, photo images, and text - over the Internet to your end users.

On-demand streaming is widely used for music and video samples, product or company presentations, training and educational support and investor messages.

These streaming media files are created (encoded) and stored on our server until a user requests a particular file from your website. Streaming files begin to play immediately and are discarded after playback, so no permanent storage is necessary on the computers of those watching the stream.

The video or audio clips are shown either directly in your visitor's browser or using one of the popular media players. SurfNet provides you with your own content directory on our server for your encoded files.  SurfNet delivers streamed audio/video over high-speed connections directly to the Internet backbone.

With On-Demand Streaming, Your Website Visitors Can Access
A Streaming File at Any Time Anywhere In the World

We have designed and built fully redundant high-speed Internet connections, utilizing the latest high-end internetworking equipment.

With SurfNet's Streaming Media Hosting, your streams are delivered from our streaming platform to any one of the most popular three media players currently in use today:

  • Real Player 
  • Microsoft® Windows Media 
  • Apple QuickTime  

Media types supported and which can be delivered on-demand by our network to these players currently are:

  • RealAudio (.rm) 
  • RealVideo (.rm, .rmvb) 
  • RealPix (.rp) 
  • RealText (.rt) 
  • Flash (.swf) 
  • Windows Media (.asf, .wma, .wmv) 
  • QuickTime (.mov) 
  • MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3GIF (.gif) 
  • JPEG (.jpg, jpeg) 
  • PNG (.png) 
  • AU (.au) 
  • AIFF (.aif, .ief) 
  • WAV (.wav) 

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Fill out our Streaming Media Request More Information Form or call us at 1-844-302-1466. 

A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions 
you may have about our On Demand services.