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Why Do Our Clients Love Using Our Streaming Services?
Just Look At This List of Our Most Popular Features!

  • Self Contained or Stand Alone Systems - There is longer a need to make any pages or layouts on your own site which cuts down on service deployment. Products for streaming can be loaded up and activated anytime for easy end user view. For those that wish to run their own systems or servers we have many options which our consulting team can discuss with you to bring your video to your site, the way you want to!

  • Better Quality - While we understand that everyone does not shoot and/or edit their content in high definition our system can now handle all forms of media: SD (standard definition streams 720x480 up to 2Mbps), HQ (High quality 1000x600 resolution up to 4Mbps), HD720p (HD video up to 1280x720 resolution up to 6Mbps), HD1080p (HD video up to 1920x1080 resolution up to 8Mbps).

  • Intelligent Player Update - Our systems will ensure that your users always have the latest version of the video player to run on our system and also that you have the latest version of our application so you can get the latest features and quality. If in either case, the end user is not up to the recommended specs (either with the player or application) he will be prompted to upgrade. If an upgrade is necessary both can be done without the player ever leaving your site (they do not have to go to another site to download the latest like most services).

  • Better Minute Tracking (PPM MODULE) - Only get charged for actual streaming time - no worry about buffering, skip/seek or pause charges.

  • Security - Using the most modern technology available today the system is built to easily add any security features which will be available in the coming quarters and which have been identified and outlined by vendors.

  • Better Technology - Faster seek and load times to various spots of the video.

  • Search - Full search by product description, title and stars.

  • Intelligent Dynamic Streaming - no need to have customers guess which link they need to click (auto mode - customers can manually force a bit rate if they wish).

  • Intelligent Minute refill (PPM MODULE) - When user runs out of minutes there is no guessing as to what is going on. The video will stop playing and users will be redirected to a page telling them exactly what has happened with a direct link to refill their minutes.

  • Intelligent Dual Login - In the event a user forgets to logout or has his passwords shared or guessed the system will detect a dual login and redirect them to a page telling him what is going on and to contact technical support who can help track the problem.

  • Intelligent Volume Control - Users can set their desired volume control or mute and the system will remember the setting for the user.

  • Wish List - Users can browser through existing titles and mark them in their wish list so if they want to use minutes no time is wasted. They can go directly to their wish list and stream as much as they like until they run out of minutes. Whenever they can purchase more minutes they can continue viewing from their favorites they have marked to view. Users can also easily remove titles from their wish list as desired.

  • Comments - Users can leave comments on titles and rate them using a 5 star rating. Site owners, through the administration area can manage those comments as desired.

  • Twitter - Site owners can add their twitter address and have it shown on site so end users can more easily follow them for better marketing and networking.

  • Better Platform Support - There is much better platform support which will be built on moving forward. The most operating systems and platforms available today!

  • FAQ - Easy to access and updated frequently asked questions section so end users can get quick answers to common questions.

  • Administration - There is a full administration interface so site owners can manage all aspects of loading their products.

  • Movie Titles - Add your own products, activate when you wish.

  • Movie Samples - Take video samples from existing loaded movies, activate and swap anytime as desired.

  • Additional Product Images - This can be done automatically using our snapshot wizard which till intelligently take images from the video for preview and better conversion/viewing. Site owners can tweak images as needed.

  • Regulation Compliance - Full support for adding the needed disclaimers as required by law to be compliant.

  • User Management - Additional admin users can be added to system if needed so as not to compromise commonly used pass-codes from site owner. 

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