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SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Strategies
Our Proven Strategy For Search Engine Optimization

SurfNet has a team of search engine optimization professionals dedicated to:

  • Improving dramatically the outcomes of our clients’ SEO campaigns

  • Developing custom solutions to meet clients’ business goals

  • Staying current on the most up-to-date, ethical search engine optimization techniques

  • Integrating the SEO solutions seamlessly into the overall marketing plan of a business

  • Providing top-notch campaign management and critical insights via the latest search marketing technology

  • Providing Transparency and Achieving a Real Return on Investment 

Many search engine optimization firms or consultants claim to guarantee rankings, do not explain the process, and avoid accountability. Sustainable, successful SEO commands a delicate balance of strategic insight, proper utilization of cutting-edge technology for tracking and measurement, flawless tactical execution, and constant refinement.

Sustainable, positive results from search engine optimization are an output of regular reassessment of a brand’s online and offline marketing environment. Critical SEO elements need repeated recalibration due to new marketing initiatives, changing search engine algorithms, and competitive influences.

Critical components to achieving positive ROI from search engine optimization efforts:

Research and Planning for Optimal Returns

Before any SEO campaign launches, the focus must be on researching one’s consumers, industry, and brand.

Due diligence and proper planning, including utilizing competitive intelligence, help pave the way for building a powerful, custom roadmap and for smooth campaign execution, ultimately enabling a brand to hold a competitive advantage.

The planning process should include taking advantage of the web’s transparency. This commitment requires access to leading competitive intelligence tools such as Hitwise, Compete, and Nielsen.

These leading tools provide unparalleled insights into competitors’ web strategies, market opportunities, and customer behavior. This intelligence also provides access to potential keywords that become a catalyst to developing a segmentation strategy.

Segmentation has proven to be a critical success factor in developing strategies that increase traffic and conversion rate, leading to optimal returns.

Demonstrating Authority to the Search Engines

In order to demonstrate to the search engines that a website is an authority for any given topic, industry, or keyword, that website must prove it can satisfy the intent of a consumer’s search queries.

Brands desiring to take advantage of the bottom line benefits of organic traffic need a sophisticated internet marketing partner that has experience far beyond the basic elements of search engine optimization. This involves smoothly coordinating various layers contributing to a brand’s online authority, incorporating techniques such as latent semantic indexing, and integrating a brand’s social presence andpublic relations activities.

By communicating authority to the search engines, marketers gain visibility.

Technology Aiding Accountability

When the proper search marketing technology with advanced tracking and reporting is implemented, brands can determine which SEO initiatives provide the greatest value, how those initiatives intertwine with other marketing activities like paid search, and what revenue is derived from an SEO investment.

Web marketing initiatives including SEO have the inherent advantage of being highly accountable. This is fully embraced through SurfNet’s methodology. Our search marketing technology is utilized to track every detail of each of our clients’ campaigns.

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